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Successful water-saving projects

Neoperl water-saving products are an increasingly popular choice around the world. Below is a selection of tenders and case studies with Neoperl involvement.



Customers from numerous water utility companies across the UK can order NEOPERL® water-saving products free of charge (through a network of regional dealers) at:


As part of the Kyoto protocol, Italy has committed to reducing its emissions by 6.5%. The Italian energy-saving regulation lists products which can be used to lower CO2, among them faucet aerators. The white emissions trading enables utility companies to take action where the effect is most noticeable: in consumption.

Electricity suppliers submit large orders (tenders) for water-saving products to hand out to their customers (end users) for free. Among those products are faucet aerators by Neoperl.

The results:
--> end users save warm water thanks to the products.
--> utility companies receive valuable certificates.


An energy utility company ordered 50,000 water-saving sets from Neoperl, which were sent to all customers free of charge as a token of gratitude for their loyalty.

The sets comprised two NEOPERL® HONEYCOMB® aerators, a PCW-01 washer regulator for the shower, a service key with the utility's logo and a brochure entitled "Wasserspass" (water fun) by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy.


The Israeli Water Authority issued a call for tenders for water-saving products (showers and washbasins) in August 2010.

Bidders were required to make arrangements in advance for the distribution and installation of the products. This means products were not just given to households but installed at the same time, to make sure they were being used immediately.

While the products were distributed among households, public television stations were running a "save water" campaign to inform end users about the water-saving products.


Kuwait City was able to abandon plans to build a costly desalination plant after distributing 1,200,000 water-saving NEOPERL® CASCADE® PCA® 6.0 l/min aerators to households free of charge.

Hong Kong:

Hong Kong's Water Services Department (WSD) officially launched the "Let's Save 10L Water" campaign in May 2014. People in Hong Kong can participate directly by signing the commitment certificate at:
Everyone who has signed up also receives a pack of two NEOPERL® PCA® faucet aerators free of charge. So far, more than 200,000 packs have been distributed.